For the complete experience of our landscape, we offer a tour of the vineyards that will bring peace, relaxation, and pleasure to your stay with us. Not far from the Brodski Stupnik is Papuk, the largest mountain in Slavonia which is also a nature park, where you can spend days enjoying interesting activities such as climbing, cycling, and hiking. Various types of organized team building activities and adrenaline park are just some of the fun and adventurous gatherings you can experience near Stupnički Dvori.


The nature around us provides many opportunities for a variety of activities to complement your stay here. Whether you are more of an adrenaline type or you love easy walks through nature, there is something for everyone in the proximity of our hotel.

Activities Stupnički Dvori

Galić Winery

The green hills of the Požega valley are occupied by vast vineyards where, by basing the production of grapes on their surfaces, the company Galić grows the vine according to the latest knowledge about the substrates, the assortment and using the most modern ampelotechnical practices, without neglecting the ecological aspect of production. Superb varieties and dedicated work during processing guarantee quality Galić wines that have won numerous awards. One of the most modernly equipped Croatian wineries, with a long tradition and great love for wine, guarantees the impeccable results and pleasure that many dream of.

Activities Stupnički Dvori


Take a stroll along the stunning Slavonian landscapes, where a few hills will not be a problem, and driving through the plains will bring relaxation and serenity into your body and mind. The vast expanses of Papuk Nature Park make for interesting adventures where cycling along the stream and the chirping of birds leads to the 'pearls of Slavonia', the Jankovac Forest Park where there is a waterfall of 40 meters, two lakes, several caves and a mountain hut with local food. You will pass through places that leave no one indifferent, have fun and do real recreation.

Activities Stupnički Dvori


Fresh air, beautiful views and well-maintained trails are all you need for a pleasantly spent time walking through nature. The route tours the Jankovac Forest Park, and on the way back easy hiking is healthy for the body, and the scents of medicinal herbs and vast expanses in the distance are more than comfortable for your spirit.

Activities Stupnički Dvori

Rock climbing

If you like adrenaline, we have an interesting activity nearby - climbing the real rock of the old Papuk mountains. Climbing equipment, beginner instructions, and a licensed guide will give you an unforgettable day spent in good physical activity that will make you forget everything and your concentration will be focused only on the mountain.

Activities Stupnički Dvori

A tour of the vineyards

If you want to see for yourself where the best varieties of Galić wines come from, we suggest you join us in the most beautiful vineyards of this area, and if you are brave enough you can help us in the harvest and be a part of creating pure quality.

Activities Stupnički Dvori

Fishing in the lake in the proximity of hotel

In the proximity of the hotel there is a lake that delights with its appearance, forest surroundings, walking trails, rowing and the biggest fish. We suggest that you try to catch the smallest fish and examine the quality of freshwater fish delicacies.

Activities Stupnički Dvori


Fun for those who like action games, in the proximity you can try out Airsoft, a military sport that uses replica firearms to eject hard plastic balls of different weight. It reminds of paintball but gear and weapons are different, so this game seems like a real action movie which you will enjoy.

Activities Stupnički Dvori

Hanging out in the wine cellar

Space where you can relax and have fun, ideal for gatherings before the festivities or having a good glass of delicious wines.

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